Distinct drivers of two size fractions of operationally dissolved Fe in a temperate river

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Apr 2023 · Limnology and Oceanography · Open Access

Watershed DOC uptake occurs mostly in lakes in the summer and in rivers in the winter

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Jan 2023 · Limnology and Oceanography

Contributions of Fe(III) to UV-Vis absorbance in river water: A case study on the Connecticut River and argument for the systematic tandem measurement of Fe(III) and CDOM

Logozzo, L.A., J. Martin, J. McArthur, P.A. Raymond
May 2022 · Biogeochemistry · Open Access

An intense precipitation event causes a temperate forested drainage network to shift from N2O source to sink

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Distinct concentration-discharge dynamics in temperate streams and rivers: CO2 exhibits chemostasis while CH4 exhibits source limitation due to temperature control

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Does photomineralization of dissolved organics matter in temperate rivers?

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Highest rates of gross primary productivity maintained despite CO2 depletion in a temperate river network.

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Photochemical and microbial degradation of colored dissolved organic matter exported from tidal marshes.

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The Effects of Trace Narasin on the Biogeochemical N-Cycle in a Cultivated Sandy Loam.

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May 2020 · Science of the Total Environment